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Tue Jan 7, 2014, 11:02 AM
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Tagged by HalloweenHolidayDoor. Too lazy to post rules, to tag other people or make new questions.

1. Most embarressing possession? Context plz.
Hmmm, nope, can't really think of anything I own that I'll feel embarrassed about. I still have my childhood plushie, my favourite items are toys or merchandise, I only keep things I want to keep and I'm not ashamed about any of them. I guess I can stretch it that I have a wyvern plushie I use as a guard to keep me safe from the monsters under the bed. Yeah, 25 years old and still afraid of things grabbing me from under the bed. I guess that's the closest I get to that.

2. Most inspirering person in your life? And why?
Hmmm, quite a few. My older sister has always been an inspiration to me throughout our childhood simply because she was older than. I even got started drawing simply because I copied her. People I have known throughout my life have provided me with inspiration to become who I am, so it's hard to really single out certain people as the most inspiring. But as another simple mention, I also want to say JK Rowling for inspiring my dreams that even real life can produce what could seem like a fairytale.

3. Your biggest idol? And why?
Ooooh, again hard to pick. Well, JK Rowling, Dennis Jürgensen and Kenneth Bøgh Andersen are the authors I have looked up to the most through my life. I may have changed interests over the years, finding inspiration in many people, but I always went back to these people as names I would actually remember when asked something like this. BUT my biggest idol ever is Else. An old librarian that I met and learned to know in the local rolling library. A tough lady who remembered the days when the library filing system was based on pieces of paper with info on, but didn't fell back one second when she had to learn the ever changing systems when computers were introduced. She was a kind and loving soul who didn't took crap from anyone. She inspired me to my first dream of becoming a librarian. I am doubting today if I can follow her steps into a tough, academic field. But I still dream of one day being the driver of the rolling libraries, that'd be close enough.

4. Favorite fictional character? Why again?
Oh gosh, where to pick. Yeah, I'm sure you are sensing by now I'm not good with choices XD;
Well... Yeah, I have a lot of favourites because you can always find a character representing something you like, you look up to or just sympathize with. My taste in characters change a lot over time back and forth. So, instead of going by an obvious choice I'll honourably mention a more obscure one. The Dove from the Danish cartoon the Bird War. As a kid I hated the character for all the things I saw in her that any kid would pick out as something to make fun of. She was fat, insecure, a coward, stuttered, all those things. But, later in the years, I realised the Dove was the deepest of the characters in the movie. She had the most growth, she had most story. She had a connection to the hero mostly ignored, her reason for her betrayal of the whole forest easily overlooked. But looking closely you would be able to see her inner battle, the demons she fought because of the things she was forced to do. She taught me you could respect a coward deeply, because although they seem weak and maybe even evil... it means so much more when they finally stand up towards their fears. I'm actually quite disappointed that the movies' character completely ignored and forgot the incredible sacrifice the Dove offered at the climax. You go, Dove.

5. Hardest decision you've taken?
Uuuuuhmmm.... Every and all decision I ever make? X3;;
Yeah, I'm not good with decisions. I'm terrified of making the wrong choice, no matter the context. The hardest I can think of right now? Well, I'm still thinking about that one. About those choices you must make to get through life. What education is best, what career will secure me? You know, the usual, anxiety inducing stuff.

6. What would you think for Peter Pan to teach you how to fly?
Vanilla ice cream. Shared with Fluttershy to cuddle with.

7. Your symbol of choice? What token or symbol do you feel protects you or brings you luck?
My necklace. I have a necklace I received as a gift years back, the pendant is my Egyptian zodiac sign, Amun. It's not that I have a particular faith in that specific symbol. But I like to put my faith into a specific item to have on me at all times. To make me safe, something that never changes, something no one comments on that I wear every day. Before this one my symbol of protection was a simple Fatimas' Hand that I had bought to myself because I liked its design. No longer wearing it because I broke and was beyond repair. Amun is an alright replacement, but I still miss the first pendant I used as my personal protection.

8. Best animated TV series. Anime is allowed.
Hmmmm. At the moment it is My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Still a big fan of Invader Zim. Used to follow Buzz Lightyear and Kim Possible a lot. Still far behind Avatar, but that one is definitely very gorgeous and entertaining. Oh, and that Jackie Chan animated series, I was such a sucker for that one.

9. Your favorite superhero?
Hard to say, I'm not a hardcore superhero fan and don't know all details about them to feel my choices are valid. Ghost Rider is damn badass though. Pretty much grew up with Spiderman through my sister's obsession. Often I have more of an interest in well written villains.

10. Artists on dA, whose level of talent you strive for?
Again, the list over those through the years have been far too long to even start mentioning. And by now I just strive for a level of talent I can accept myself. There is no point putting someone else up on a pedestal, to make them something more than they are. I cannot become who they are, I cannot gain their talent. And they themselves don't feel they are anything special and too looking for someone to look up to, seeing many other people better than themselves. We strive for perfection until we realise that we should simply strive for being happy. And part of being happy is simply to enjoy what we do and remember to notice our own improvement.

Well, that was that. Have a cookie if you actually read through all of this :cookie:

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