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Welcone to the Skies of Roan!

Sun Aug 16, 2015, 4:26 AM
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This is all copied from :iconbusterbuizel:'s journal, excluding my answers to the questions.

RoanCover Art by Baron Engel by mh47e

Hello there ladies and gentlecolts and all manners of equine citizens! Today I would like to promote to you a very special project I was recently picked up to work on. It's called Roan and I'm sure a lot of you have seen my last journal on the role playing game before. Turns out they wanted my help to further the project. I am now a writer/adviser for mh47e who is leading the project with over 13 years experience working on various video games, tabletops, and all sorts of digital media. So, what is Roan? Well looky here!

Roan is a pen and paper role playing game set in a 1940s styled pulp fiction era. You and your group of adventurers are to travel the land by hoof, airship, or aeroplane! Answer Roan's call to arms or venture to lost cities and ruins as a soldier, mercenary, adventurer, or whatever you may please in this open ended create your own class system! Roan focuses on the ponies that reside in its world, and how they've grown to handle a world changed by magic and ever changing technology.Roan utilizes the Ubiquity system (Hollow Earth Expedition), created by Jeff Combos. The main feature of the system is its use of binary dice pool rolls to determine success. Under the default rules, each even number rolled counts as a success, while odd numbers count as nothing. Odd 'nothings' do not cancel out even 'successes', making dice rolling quick and simple. It is a very dynamic system that encourages and even rewards role playing, and helps to simplify the dice rolling so it is not overly cluttered by fancy mathematics. Ubiquity is an enhanced dice pool system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action.

Fly in the skies of Roan as a daring pilot with the help of your Pegasi or Bat Pony friends as they grapple and commandeer enemy aircraft!
Wing pony rides! by mh47e

Choose among a vast assortment of equine races! Use your earth pony strengths to fight in close combat while your unicorn, zebra, kelpie friends help with magic and firearms!

Roan RPG - Bust Shots by Ravenpuff

Join us in this amazing world that is Roan! Link to the Kickstarter project below!:…

I'd like all of you to spread the word of this project! In fact, as a fun little addition I'll include a set of Q&A type questions below!

Your Roan Adventurer!:

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Answer the questions asked to you about how you'd live your life in Roan!
3. Tag your friends!
4. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
5. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
6. You must copy and past this whole journal in your journal.
7. Title the journal: Welcome to the Skies of Roan!

1. Choose one of your OCs! What is your name and species?
I'm Sunny Rain, I'm a pegasus mare at your service. At least when it's weather related. Very pale pink coat and a reddish, carrotish curly mane.

2. What would you like to do in the land of Roan? Explore the land, make your own story, or fight the evil Ratvarian Empire?
Sunny: I always preferred to explore new places and sights. So much to see of the world, when time allows it.

3. What is your character good at? Are they a pilot, engineer, adventurer, magician or anything else you can think of!
Sunny: Well, I'm a pegasus flier with talent for light weather. Not that excellent in flight, but I can manipulate the weather just right. Know how beautiful rain looks in the sun, like it's golden drops showering the world in rainbows...?

4. Tell the good folks more about your character's hobbies and motivations!
Sunny: Well, I do a lot of work and just focus on my talent, but I like to use any explore to take long flights and explore new places from above. I guess I'm just generally curious about anything new. Although I'm told my attention span could use some work, why I never really kept a hobby for very long before I find something more interesting.

5. Who would you pick to go along with you in your travels in Roan? Name your friends!
Sunny: Oh, I got plenty, as I do use my job to get transferred all over the place to meet new ponies. An adventure could just be an excuse to meet new ponies and make new friends.

6. Do you have a vehicle, airship, or airplane? If so, tell us the name!
Sunny: No, only my own wings. Been working on a few airships and such on occasion, but never anything permanent.

7. What does your vehicle do? Is it a fast fighter with loads of machine guns and rockets or a massive airship with you as the Admiral?
Sunny: Uhm, I don't have a vehicle of my own. I'm just occasional passenger for trips I need to spare my wings or have to travel with ponies who doesn't fly... But having my own airship could be pretty cool, actually.

8. What would your friends do with the vehicle you pilot? Are they your wingpony? Crewpony? Or maybe they'd have their own?
Sunny: It's mostly me who is either just passenger or crewpony...

9. Any closing thoughts friend?

Sunny: I look forward to any great adventures and exploring new paths!

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