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Woes of a Blood Donor

Fri Jul 22, 2016, 1:40 PM
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Went to the Blood Bank today… People who has followed me for a while knows I can be a passionate rambler about the good of being a blood donor, at any given excuse to ramble about it. 

So, here we go. Warning, wall of text ahead.

Truth is I haven’t donated blood for three years. 

7 times. I’ve donated blood 7 times since I began as a donor years ago. I was proud of myself, I was doing something good. I had earned a little pin, shaped like a drop of blood. Three more donations and I could get a new pin, where the drop of blood would have a frame of laurel wreath around it.

Then my blood percentage began to drop. Never found out why. My diet? My lack of exercising? My sister was suffering a great lack of iron too at the time, was it genetic?

Either way they began to reject me when I came to donate, they couldn’t allow themselves to drain me after seeing the low number not being a one time thing. After enough times of saying no when I showed up and a quick blood test kept showing a too low percentage, they decided to quarantine me. For two years. I was sent home with pamphlets on better dieting and some pills to give me more iron. 

Today was the first time in three years I stepped into a blood bank again. A new one since I had moved to my new town, using an extra year to adjust to the new place before getting a blood donation appointment.

The usual talking, learning they had added more, strict rules. Looking me over they kept looking for their scales to check my weight, seemingly thinking I was on the thin size for a healthy donor.

But I got in and gave a blood test… and it was too low. Despite my attempts at bettering my diet and exercising much more compared to three years ago. I’m on quarantine again. This time only half a year though. If my percentage hasn’t gone up by then, I risk being removed from the blood donor list permanently.

And… that left me quite sad for the day.

I just… really want to donate. It’s such a simple thing to do, which can be the one thing to help save a life one day. I’m A+, one of the more average blood types and thus one requested a lot to cover the usage of it. The more people of the same type, the more of the blood of that type gets used in the hospitals.

I can’t just donate plasma either, although blood percentage isn’t a worry there. They don’t use the red blood cells, you get to keep those and thus recover faster. But… I’m too small for the process, as they do remove the blood so they can sort the plasma out before returning it. You need a certain blood volume for that. And I’m too small and thin, they could see that immediately…

At least I still get to be on the stem cell and bone marrow donation lost. That’s something. And hopefully I can get accepted as egg donor in a couple of months…

I’m just sad I risk not being able to donate blood regularly anymore. I was so proud of doing it. Despite not liking needles and being a wuss, I did it and would do it again after the recovery time. But… with my blood percentage staying so low with no changes after 3 years… I don’t want to be too pessimistic, but it doesn’t look good.

That said, it’s not that I’m unhealthy. My blood percentage isn’t dangerously low or anything. It’s just by the limit for what the blood bank is allowed to work with, because the drain can leave you sick if you lose too much of the blood cells you need.

I was told I was still a healthy average for a woman, I’m still healthy and many find their blood levels change from how it was as young and then stay on the new levels after that.

All it does is… I can’t donate blood.

Just… a little venting on some of my thoughts today. Sorry for the wall of text.

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