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April 26, 2013
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Taking her for a twirl by Ravenpuff Taking her for a twirl by Ravenpuff
Quick commission for *Theoretical-Chaos, whom I agree with that the world needs more art of Nex Kel. Especially with her sweet boyfriend Skif. I ship them, 'cuz they are just so darn adorable.

I'm quite happy with how this thing turned out, though took me forever to figure out the posing for the two. Wanted to draw them in motion to give the pic a bit of dynamic. The scan made Nex-Kel's skin look a bit too light though. But overally it looks good. Chaos didn't request any background, so the lurvy pink is all ya get.

The idea is that Skif surprised Nex-Kel at work, giving her a quick twirl and a bow just because he's cute and romantic like that.
I hope it's to your liking, *Theoretical-Chaos!

Nex-Kel © :iconhalf-dude:
Skif © :icontheoretical-chaos:
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I think this is probably even better than your digital works
In my opinion, your traditional colouring has so much more appeal and feels less artificial
These have a certain texture to them that make them attractive overall
I really like this piece, mostly because I am a fan of this pairing and am rather sad we do not see much with them
Nex-Kel and her lover surely have very nice photogenic chemistry here
I think how she was taken off guard is just adorable, her innocent blush and the entire set up is fantastic

While not the most original, the pose works very well
The manly man coming in with his timid lover for a romantic pose
It was solidified with the famous American picture of a sailor returning home and kissing a random woman in celebration of the end of the war
This trope has lived on and inspired many of what we consider classical romance scenes
But nowadays, we rarely see it done so well
So kudos for bringing a trope back and with the added characters, it works very well
I am sure Chaos is very satisfied with his commission

You are getting really good at posing and expressions
I hope to see you draw more couples in the future
If I had the money to spare, I would commission you
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i don't really understand the physics of vortian horns. i mean a rams horn is heavy but those damn things must weigh a ton all they are is solid boner. having to walk on those legs must just make it harder.
Well, actually, in the original show we see the horns are actually light and able to move. So they are not made purely out of bone and not that heavy

An in many head canons those legs might look thin but they are pure muscles and sinews to make up for the build
shit i put boner instead of bone
i think this is lovely. as always.
no thank you :)
i mean no, thank you
Half-dude May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure.. HOW I feel about this.. it's perplexing. : 0 The fact that someone else made money off of my old character is a bit disheartening personally, I'm happy for you Puffy as you deserve it for your hard work. Though it shows how popular these old characters still are. I wish I could bring myself to care about them again but I just can't.. so little of them is my own content that it just, it seems like such a fruitless effort.

I like these two too, they're adorable, and at the time of my interest in the show the mere importance of their relationship with them going against the racial tensions of the empire it's some powerful stuff. But to be honest with ourselves it is a relationship that's been played out with numerous interchangeable characters within the fandom. The fact that it's specifically Skif and Nex-Kel is merely cosmetic if you think about it.

I just, gah.. this is hard. I wish to see this couple continue and evolve.. maybe art for them can keep being made by other artists? But I just can't bring myself to be invested enough to draw anything myself.. it's hard enough for me to draw ANYTHING these days.. <: /
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