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Haunting p1 - The Young Master
Late night, the sky dark with a heavy cloud cover hiding away Luna’s stars. Every shadow one with the night, no light to reveal the silhouettes of what goes around when the light cannot expose them.
Including a wagon dragged by a heavy earth pony, trotting along the road only able to tell he’s on the right track still by the clopping sound of his hooves against the stones marking the path.
The only light source reveals his destination, light still burning through the windows as he speeds up a little for the last distance there. Eager to finish up and get home to the warmth and light weighting for him. He’s a simple pony, he doesn’t ask what kind of deliveries are needed to be brought out like this, all hush like and with no lights. The less you ask, the less complicated your life can be. He sure never asked questions about his payment, it was always enough.
Trotting the last few meters he can finally make the stop before the gate to the mansion. It is not the on
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Eternity in the Blink of an Eye
Day 5… I think.
Time has been difficult to track. The clocks won’t work; although I guess technically they do - they are just not moving. The Sun isn’t moving across the sky either. Everything is so quiet. I am not sure how much time truly has passed, I didn’t consider at first to keep it in check as I thought I could just undo the spell right after.
I first realized how much time had passed when I grew hungry. Had left my lunch, I was so focused on my experimental spell, it was easy to find. Then I ate Starlight’s part. I’m sure she’ll be okay with that.
I’ve tried to find out what went wrong. I thought I had it all prepared, but something must have gone wrong. It feels like a strange, alien world. Everything is so quiet. I wish Starlight could help.

Day 12(?)
I’ve emptied the pantry by now. No chance of cooking any of it, nothing will change. I made sure to leave a note, admitting right away that I ate it a
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WARNING - Please Read provided link

Tue May 29, 2018, 11:11 PM
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I don't like call-out posts, as it only feeds the popular belief that the only justice existing is public shaming of targets pointed out by the majority. 

This one comes with proof of terrible behaviour though, an adult person targeting minors with intend of intimacy despite all laws against these wishes. 

A SERIOUS WARNING: PLEASE READThis is a serious warning about a DA user who goes by the name of Carpa90, and Matteo90 on Discord and Skype
I'd been approached not too long before the conversation with him and me started, by Shadow429 , who warned me of this guy (who was supposedly a pedophile, but I really took no notice of this warning at first).

And wouldn't ya' know it, not long later, Capra himself sent me a note. It was just a friendly introduction, and I was lucky enough to have been warned about him beforehand, but at the same time, I wanted to see if the rumour was true: was he really what Shadow warned him to be?
It was a pretty simple and innocent conversation, but the lack of content on his DA made me all the more skeptical, but I continued chatting nevertheless, just to see where it went.
He eventually asked for my discord, so I gave it to him and he added me:

Then things escalated quickly, although starting wit

I am in no position to take action myself, I am barely a third person passing on info provided from other sources beyond the original, BUT I wish to suggest anyone encountering this person described here, able to gather evidence against their behaviour, to consider contacting the admins of the site and the proper authority to stop this behaviour instead of letting the cycle continue of them just creating new accounts and repeat their behaviour.

Public Call-Outs are not the only answer, it won't stop this kind of people, only make them more careful and hide their true intent better until they have gone completely under the radars and find ways to get what they want through different approaches. 
Contact the site admins, provide the proof, contact the proper authority and find better ways to actually STOP this kind of person instead of thinking public shaming is all that can be done.

Yes, warning people to keep new victims from falling for the ruse is a good thing. But in the long run not productive enough. And if all evidence gets cycled through the public over abd over, it risk getting thrown aside once the authorities do step in, because of the questions of hat can be used, what has become public biased, what is real or faked for attention and so on. 
If you meet this person, don't goat them by humoring them, as it can be used against you later. But any evidence gathered, use that to contact the authorities before you decide to spread it, if there are already evidence out to call-out and warn the public. 

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