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Just Me
I live in a world of ghosts.
I used to be surrounded by people, crowds so big you could barely force you way through. Traffic so heavy you would be late for school unless you made sure to leave as early as possible.
People as far as the eye could see.
I didn’t notice at first.
Days passing by, stuck in a routine that sometimes just felt like a constant repeat. Pass by the same buildings, the same stores. Wave to the people you recognize enough to be familiar with. Nod to those you have seen before but neither of you know the other’s name.
A life of existence.
I first really paid it any mind the day I waved to nobody.
I froze for just a moment. I was staring right ahead, looking at an empty spot on the street. I was waving as if I had just caught sight of an old friend. No one around me paid it any mind. As if they didn’t notice or just didn’t care.
I moved on, shrugging it off. How odd.
Then I did the same thing the next day.
Waving to an empty spot in the crowd
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Onyx pt 2 - Long Live the Princess
Taking over a kingdom lost from time after the harsh rule of a dark king is… no, taking over sounds hostile. I was put in lead by the support of the Royal Sisters as well as my new subjects in need of guidance.
I’m told I remind them of their old princess. I have found no name in any records other than simply Crystal Princess. Like the title was her name.
I can’t help but feel saddened by that. A pony, even a monarch over a forgotten nation, should be more than just a title. But I wish not to reopen too many wounds this soon by asking around for more details. Losing their princess must have been a great loss. And then conquered by an evil unicorn crowning himself their king. To be lost in time for a thousand years, now having to adjust to not only being free again but to learn how much the outside world has changed without them.
I can be their Crystal Princess for as long they need. I’m here to help them rebuild and heal.
The Crystal Heart rebuild their hope, re
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 3 10
Nightmare Butters Gif by Ravenpuff Nightmare Butters Gif :iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 24 28 GASPS IN UNICORN by Ravenpuff GASPS IN UNICORN :iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 59 23
Onyx pt 1 - The King is Dead
The Dark King is gone, leaving only scars behind. Yet I see them heal all around me. Everypony smiling and dancing, their coats sparkling brighter than ever as they praise the Crystal Princess.
Not our Crystal Princess. Just a pink mare who swooped in to save the day, as far I hear. So desperate to forget the bad, they all cling to this replacement like she is the real deal. Like they think they know her, our savior come to fix it all and make the bad go away.
The bad will never go away. His shadow remains, looming over this sunny paradise. We thought we knew Him too. We thought we knew our Crystal Princess. Look what that brought us. We thought her to be strong and eternal, now she’s gone forever. A stranger invited in from the cold, taken under her wing, betraying everything we knew.
It all shattered. Like she did.
They all smile and dance, forgetting it all ever happened.
I can’t forget. An eternal reminder hanging over me every waking hour.
My coat will no
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Subtle Hints by Ravenpuff Subtle Hints :iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 111 55 Butters the Alicorn by Ravenpuff Butters the Alicorn :iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 33 22


J-Pop and ComicCon in CPH

Sun Apr 8, 2018, 6:34 AM
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So excited, just a few weeks left!

This year my sister Aphilien and I will be popping up at J-Pop Con and ComicCon in Copenhagen. Bought our weekend passes in good time, even got seats reserved for the Danish cosplay championship show at J-Pop. ‘Cuz those are always awesome to watch.

No booth in artist alley or anything, we’ll just be regular con goers. But we’ll both be cosplaying.

I’ll be showing off my new shiny eevee hoodie and my sister got herself a fancy Persona 4 cosplay she has been excited to show off.

The two cons are a week apart, so we’ll be staying on the devil isle for the full week. Haven’t been on a proper vacation like that for quite some time. Usually it’s either school stays back home, or just a quick visit to CPH for certain events. Or I’m just staying home doing nothing.

So, been looking forward to this for quite some time now.

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EX475 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018   Digital Artist
If It works then maybe you could draw my Beva24 for me. But now's not the time?

Unless you do point commissions because I have plenty of points.
Ravenpuff Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No commissions right now, and I don't accept points.
EX475 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018   Digital Artist
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Why do you have 5 gift art galleries instead of 1?
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'Cuz overtime they got so full the thumbnails no longer showed and couldn't be used as links. So I began spreading them out in more than just one.

Granted over the years some of the old art has been deleted or the accounts they belong to deactivated, so the old giftart galleries ain't as full anymore.
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Thanks for the fav :D

If you want check out my Gallery for more Fan Art, Character Design and Cosplay :D

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Are there enough pony?
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